The beginnings of every product at And Eve is a hand painting. For the Art Prints these are then scanned in, calligraphy titles are added and then they are sent to an ethical UK printers to be printed on recycled paper. For the Cushions and Framed Fabric the scans of each painting are placed into Photoshop, each element is digitally cut away from its white paper background and edited into a fabric print design. During this process, leaves, flowers and animals can be arranged and laid over each other. Colours can be altered to create the different colourways. These digital print files are then sent to a UK digital fabric printers and printed onto fabric.


The fabric print files, with the original hand painted elements in, are digitally printed onto fabric. The actual printing process is very similar to how an inkjet printer would work for paper. The design is printed onto the fabric by minuscule droplets of ink which are produced by many cartridge heads. The fabric is treated beforehand so that the design won't fade, this means you can wash your cushion covers! As each cushion is handmade with care, we do advise gentle hand washing so that your tassels and beading stay looking their very best. 


Every cushion is sewn together at the London studio. They are made individually to order to stop mass market production which means no waste, no landfill and every single one is a personal piece made just for you.


If requested, each cushion is personally hand beaded in the London Studio. Tonal seed and bugle beads are added to the leafy elements to enhance the tropical colouring and give that extra special finish. If you'd like to add beading to your cushion, just select the add beading option at checkout!